Instrumental ensemble


created on the basis of chair of national tools of the St.-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts in 2007 (a class of professor Kramarja Y.А). Participants of ensemble, students of II course SPbGUKI (Anna Shatilova - a domra small (a domra an alto), Michael Krylov - an accordion of system of Kravtsov, Ksenia Kvochko - an accordion of system of Kravtsov, Nefedova Darya and Ganshin Anton - a balalaika-contrabass (with 2010), (Darya Chernyh - a balalaika-bass 2007-2010), Kirill Evseev student SPbGK of a name Rimskogo-Korsakova - the balalaika), has united not only joint study in the past (SPb lycée of committee on culture and Musical school of a name of M.P.Musorgsky), but also confidence of everyone that playing this structure, it is possible to reach harmonious, balanced and first of all modern sounding of pieces of music on national tools.

In August 2008 The ensemble leaves for the first time in tour round across Northern Germany then the first disk «ESSe-QUINTETT» Gastpspiel 2008, Lilienthal-Sankt-Peterburg registers.

In November 2008 The ensemble takes part for the first time in the international competition and at once becomes the winner of I award (I international competition of executors on national tools "Prikamye-2008" in Perm). Then there were also first responses about ensemble, as about the collective, possessing Truly Petersburg culture of a sound, and simultaneously bright remembered game. In 2009г the ensemble participates in the international competitions three times and wins I th awards and two Grand prix three times:

  • I award, Grand prix of the international competition «Citta di Lanciano», Lanchano (Italy)
  • I award of the international competition of music of Argentina composer Astor Pjatstsolly of "Libertango" Lanchano (Italy)
  • I award, Grand prix of the international competition «Silver tuning fork», St.-Petersburg

In 2010 The ensemble also participates in prestigious musical competitions three times, and achieves the big successes:

  • Finalists (from 123 ensembles) the First international musical tournament TEREM CROSSOVER St.-Petersburg.
  • Grand Prix of I International musical competition in Stockholm (Sweden)
  • I award and Cup (Grand Prix) with best regards of jury of the international competition of a bayan-accordion in Rube (France) 


  • I award of 48th international competition in Klingental, Germany


  • I award of 65th international competition for accordion (COUPE MONDIALE), Spoleto (Italy)

The ensemble acts on popular concert platforms of Russia and Europe. 

The ensemble repertoire includes products of various styles: from classics and national to a tango and modern melodies. But in what style musicians wouldn't play, in all there is a firm sounding «ESSE», distinguishes brightness, figurativeness originality and the detailed approach to product.