Kramar J.A.

Teacher, performer of traditional Russian folk instruments, conductor, composer.

A graduate of the Altai State Academy of Arts and Culture (conductor z.d.i RF, Professor IE Shcherbakov, instrumentation z.d.i RF Professor N. Kornienko and Russia Academy of Music Gnesinyh (post-graduated course conductor Professor B . Yegorov, instrumentation z.d.i RF Professor Shishakov YN).

From 1980-2005 he worked in the Altai State Academy of Culture and Arts, since 2006 professor of orchestral conducting from St. - Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.

Organizer and artistic director (from 1988 to 2005), winner of international competitions and festivals instrumental ensemble "Rusnari.

Author of numerous instrumentation, transcription, processing in different styles for the Russian folk orchestra: PI Tchaikovsky. "Solemn Overture 1812", Bizet-Shchedrin "Carmen Suite", Rimsky-Korsakov "Capriccio Espagnol", etc. Vol.: Musical based on L. Quinn "Kidnap - a game for strong nerves" (1985), a poem for bass with Orchestra "Khan Erlig" in 6 parts, opera-mystery "Talay-Khan" in 2 acts by A. Anokhin, music for productions, instrumental and vocal works. Textbook "Instrumentovedenie in partiturnyh samples. Russian Folk Orchestra "

Demidov Prize Winner of the Altai Territory, the owner of the Grand Prix Festival Competition Russia - Germany.

Since 2007. artistic director of ensemble "ESSe-Quintet".